This prize-winning 2005 documentary by independent filmmaker Bruce Johnson explores the unique world of the American Circus with an eye to understanding its fascination for those who regard it as their careers, those who sit in the stands, and those who examine it as a cultural phenomenon.  Dozens of interviewees provide a rich kaleidoscope of perspectives--from six-year-old performer AARON CAVALLINI to venerable model builder BILL WATSON, who claims he's "just an overgrown kid of ninety-two."  Other interviewees include BARBARA BYRD, JOHN PUGH, DAVE HOOVER, AURELIA NOCK, HARRY RAWLS, TAVANA LUVAS, RALPH GIFFORD, KAY ROSAIRE, "BUCKLES" WOODCOCK, JOHN HERRIOTT, "DIAMOND JIM" PARKER, DIETER TASSO, and more.  The contemporary circus is juxtaposed with images of the "glory days" when its popularity surpassed all other forms of entertainment.  Approx. 54 minutes, color.

"May All Your Days Be . . . "


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