DICK VAN DYKE, one of America’s favorite television comedians, is your host for this long lost one-hour special, which features a marvelous cast of center ring stars. Making his world debut in a cage full of lions is the amazing JEWELL NEW. Soaring above the spectators' heads on the flying trapeze are the celebrated GAONAS and FARIAS. BEN WILLIAMS and BARBARA WOODCOCK put the majestic elephant ANNA MAY through her paces, and daredevil aerialist and stuntman ELVIN BALE catches the single trapeze bar by the heels of his feet and skin of his teeth! Add in a congress of clowns, bareback riders, acrobats, and an undersea visit to NEPTUNE’S CIRCUS, and you have one unforgettable trip to the Greatest Show on Earth! Approx. 50 minutes, color.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Television Highlights of) 1978


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