Originally released in the early 1980's , this long out-of-print compilation (previously available only on VHS) has been digitally re-mastered to DVD and never looked better!  Priceless glimpses of early truck and railroad shows will recreate terrific memories of circus days past.  Watch the Al G. Barnes Circus pull into the railroad yards in Santa Ana, California, and unload; then stand at the back door as spec makes its way into the big top.  See Western legend Tom Mix in the saddle, under the canvas of his own three-ring extravaganza.  Stand on the street corner as the Downie Bros. Motorized Circus parades right past you.  Gawk at the massive Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus unloading flatcars in Los Angeles, and then take a grandstand seat under the big top for highlights of the performance.  Witness one of the final street parades ever of Floyd King's Cole Bros. Circus in downtown Santa Ana, California (1930), and much more.  This includes some of the rarest show footage from the 1930's known to exist.  Approx. 50 minutes, B&W 50.

Three Ringers of the Thrilling Thirties (2010)


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